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More About the book


This book is the result of several meetings between Elisa Namaste and the photo-journalist Anette Tamm, in the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia.  It is a book about Life and how we can look at the world and ourselves from a different perspective.




Pictures during interview in Bosnia

Stories of trees & healing water

“Water is one of the most intelligent floating 

consciousnesses we have on this planet.”


Are you saying that we can clean and heal water with love? 

-Yes, take a glass of water in your hands. Look at the water and feel as if you fall in love with the water. Then feel the connection to the particles in the water. Try to imagine how the energies start dancing. The water feels your love, it feels recognition, to be seen. And then it feels blessed. And when you become one with the water you are blessed too.


“The water within you and around you 

communicate as one being.”


Water is a flow. Water is pure. Water is always there for you. It is a very strong force of nature. And this part is amazing.  Approximately 60% of our body contains water. Imagine that the water within you can talk to the ocean. You can be your own healer just by being close to and connected with water. The water within you and around you communicate as one being. 


Inner peace, balance or war

For many years people around me believed that I was super tough and super hard. They thought they could not give me flowers, that it was better to punch me in my face -but that was absolutely wrong, of course, but this was what I was transmitting. I was so sensitive and same time very afraid that people would just walk all over me if they saw this side of me. I created subconsciously this super strong person and it worked quite well for a while -but inside I was a total mess. My inner world and my outside reality did not match. Not until the day when those two realities met each other. It does not mean that my ego was a bad thing -it was also protecting me in a way for that time being. When you start to understand why you create this kind of protection you can also learn to love this egoistic part of yourself and find balance between who you were and who you are today. Learning why it was there. 


Everything in life is about including and uniting 

with one another, and that also goes for our ego. .




Wisdom of stones & Albert Einstein 


When I ask you a question I feel the energy shifting around us. When answering the question, is it always the best “energy” for that specific question that communicates through you?  Can it be just anything or anyone, is this how it works? 

-It depends on the question. It is always about who holds that knowledge. Who, or what energy is the best to translate the subject to human understanding. Even if I see the answers as energy patterns, for me to translate them are sometimes very hard. To feel Einstein or Tesla, as an example, to tap into their energy and let their words flow through me is sometimes easier. 


How can I explain this? I am one with everything and I just know who or what is holding the answer to the question. I tap into it and speak from these kind of memory lines, does it make sense? 


The energy is shifting again and Elisa says,
-Yes, and this is what I came to understand up till now, most people need that, they need the whole rollercoaster thing, to play this game of knowledge. In order for experiencing their own expansion within this life frame. 


Thoth Ak Amun wants me to share the knowledge of existence. To make us aware that we can actually travel in time and through space, that there are doorways to get from one place on earth to the other. But in truth, I believe humankind, in general, is not ready for that. But Thoth Ak Amun still wants humans to have this knowledge, even if only a small number will truly believe and understand. Whatever mystery there is out there it will only reach the people who are ready for it. And the rest will not be ready to take it in. They will just look at it and say “ Ha, what nonsense” and that’s it! 

Knowledge & truth

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