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Providing authentic and heartfelt guidance.

Elisa is born a seer, clairvoyant, a motivational speaker. Using her innate sensitivity to connect with individuals on a profound level, her unique gift allows her to see and feel the energy of the present, past & future, and much more...


 Elisa doesn't follow a prescribed path; instead, she trusts the universal downloads and life experiences that have shaped her wisdom.


What’s unique about her isn’t just her gift and abilities to share the universal knowledge,

but her own life story & the heartfelt energy she holds doing so.


Elisa has conducted workshops across Europe, captivating audiences in the largest theaters of Holland and Denmark.


She has shared her insights with over a thousand people, leaving a lasting impact on countless hearts. Her presence and wisdom have also graced the screens, as she appeared on TV shows such as Holland's NRL, Denmark's tv 4 Aarhus Rundt, and a program in Finland and Sweden, where she discussed the fascinating world of symbols.


In addition to her television appearances, she has been featured in prominent magazines in Holland and Sweden, as well as local news in Denmark. Dedicated to spreading positivity and knowledge, Elisa namaste is on a mission to touch the lives of many more individuals hoping to make a difference in this world,

The Flock


I AM Elisa


The book about Elisa

Written with Anette Tamm

 A lifechanging experience – if you are ready to challenge everything you thought you knew.


iedereen verlicht

Finnish Televsion

Elisa was asked to come to the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia to connect with several places there and 15 videos of her experiences were made.  See the videos here >>>

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