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Elisa was sent here as an energy form, a kind of a key, connecting worlds and opening hearts 

I AM everything and nothing at the same time, an energy sent here to help people reach and feel the light within them. I am able to connect with everything that exists or has ever existed or will ever be created.  
And yet I don’t know what pair of shoes to put on in the morning. 


"love who you are in the Now, and you’ll already be, who you seek to become" Elisa Namaste


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About Elisa

For me, meeting Elisa Namaste has truly been life-changing. It has changed me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It has been challenging at times, courageously following my heart and more and more becoming the person I want to be. Focusing on doing the things I love. And the journey has only just begun !!

When you first meet Elisa Namaste for a private session, workshop or retreat, you immediately see / feel that she is unconditional love (just look into her eyes!). Her ability to see and show you who you truly are and to help you reach your full potential, is amazing. With her unconditional love, she gives you the courage to confront and acknowledge your shadow sides, and by acknowledging them, you can let go of them. 

She shows you new perspectives by stepping out of patterns and belief systems, things that no longer benefit you. The process can sometimes hurt until you shift your perspective from fear and anxiety, to seeing love and new possibilities. She teaches you to follow your heart and to love yourself for who you really are. To love life and to surrender to the present. Step by step. She has made me do something I never thought I was capable of, dared to do, or could do. Elisa shows me how to go my own way with greater joy, confidence and consciousness.

Ulla from Denmark

E X P E R I E N C E 

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