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"love who you are in the now, and you’ll already be, who you seek to become" Elisa Namaste

Elisa´s Workshops are always guided by the energies that are present.There is an all-over theme, but it always depends on the participants, the level they are at and what the Universe wants the group to dive into.

A workshop with Elisa can be an adventure for your personal development. Her energy will bring up unsolved emotions, laughter, anger, crying, but most of all it brings up a feeling of coming home to where we all came from, pure light source energy. A feeling of oneness. Elisa is giving you the kick to move on, to act and to break boundaries to feel free once again. A workshop with Elisa is an investment in yourself, I cannot recommend it enough.

Personal experience by; Isabella from Denmark


When you attend a lecture with Elisa you will experience something different and you will be able to take part in the overall theme. 


The lectures are always interactive, giving the participants a possibility to ask whatever is in their heart and on their mind. Elisa will connect and answer from her higher self and the Universe.  


The themes will be created from what the Universe wants Elisa to represent, but it will always follow the questions asked.


If you are interested in a cooperation with Elisa and want to arrange a lecture please send an email to

Or fill in the contactform.

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Private Session

Private Sessions


Elisa will answer whatever question there is in your heart or in your mind. It might not always be the answer you want, but what you need to hear. And she will never tell you something your higher self does not already know.


Elisa does the private sessions online, or by phone when she is at a location and decides to do them live. 

Follow her journey around the world and keep updated by signing in to her global network.

Private Session 

contact Elisa

send e-mail;


E X P E R I E N C E 

What people say, feel and experience 

Isabella from Denmark

“The private sessions with Elisa have been helping me to change my life. Elisa is so loving, bright and clear in her messages that I feel the truth has set me free from circulating in the same old unhealthy circles.

Elisa is being an example of unconditional love and she is not telling the words or stories our ego wants to hear, but the truth that our soul needs to know in order to feel free again. Elisa has helped me to connect with myself again and for that I am so grateful. In her company I feel home.”

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