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Healing Bracelet

Healing Bracelet

  • Healing Bracelet

    When I am going to make a personal bracelet or necklace, I look at the portrait sent to me. I feel the energy and I look at where the person is in the here and now. I feel what energy is needed for the future development, empowerment and healing. And then I communicate with the stones allowing them to tell me who and what stones want to help the person in this process.

    When it is done, I listen to the message from the stones including the purpose of the necklace or bracelet, why these specific stones want to help and what is needed in the healing process. More info in this video LINK 
    Price bracelet: 60 Euro  + shipping.
    Price necklace: 110 Euro + shipping   
    (Both prices are on the homepage)

  • Send picture;

    Send your picture to: 
    We (me and the stones) are looking forward to work with you.   

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