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Video about the pyramids in Bosnia, and how it is all connected.


Follow Elisa on a journey around the world to connect with the
Global Grid.


Unlock and connect to the memories of the past, 
present and the possible future.

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Elisa was asked to come to the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia to connect with several places there and 15 videos of her experience were made.

Do you feel the calling to travel with us to Rome?

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This will be a journey thought time and in the inner and outer space. 


It is time for authenticity, connecting with the light, not fearing the dark .


Click here to read Practical Info!

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I was lucid dreaming, and the first place i was taken to was the Colosseum in Rome. 
When I woke up I knew this is where we need to go next. 

After the first waves of Covid a lot has changed. What energetic influences we chose is important in this time.  

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ROME is a place influenced by different sides.

We are there to learn to accept the differences, both  within ourselves, and help clear out the old to create space for the new to come. 

We will do the grid work in the flow of what needed in the moment.

What i know and feel is, we must go to the Colosseum, the Vatican, Basilica and the Pyramid ruins. 


We will connect with the old history as well as clearing fields for newer influences. 

Again, everything is an inner journey played out in the collective field.

We will laugh, have fun and work in the depths. 



We will laugh, have fun and work in the depths. 

Practical Info 
Retreat price is 375 Euro 

Accommodation and transportation are payed exclusively.
( I will search for a cheap and comfortable accommodation solution.
When I have found it, I will e-mail you with more info.) 

For more information and to sign in, send us an email!


I can´t wait for our next journey to come. ♥️


The Global Grid Retreats will bring the participants to different energetic and sacred places all over the world.


Each location contains a certain kind of energy, memories and vibration. If you feel drawn to the Global Grid retreats there will be a reason. You will gain personal growth and transformation. You are also called to be a part of the unlocking of memories in these locations connected to the grid surrounding the globe.  

My personal journey 

"I have always known that the pyramids are a big part of my own personal journey and I thought I needed to travel the world alone to unlock different doors and hidden memories. But I realize that in order to transcend the information and help humanity we need to have a group of people willing to do the work. Not only within themselves but also as a collective. Those people are already called. They feel the calling deep within them and will be drawn to these Grid retreats."

First we travel to different places in Europe  

The divine plan is to start with Europe. We have already been in Hungary, Bosnia, Romania, Ukraine and Israel, but we need to revisit some of those places to finish the work there.  We have also been in Egypt and we will revisit a different location there. We have some work to do in Rome and then we will travel to many different sites and places around the Globe.  One of the last places will be the Mt. Kailash in Tibet .


You will feel called to the places you need to go to in order of opening and fulfilling your transformation. You do not have to be a part of every journey or go to every single place on the Global Grids retreats.


The participants do need to become ready. Each retreat will be a kind of opening within the journey of one self, on a spiritual level. Some people might call it “upgrading” but I call it, coming closer to who you already are.


On the retreats the only planning is the starting and the ending dates. I work with the universe and the energies on the location and I will follow their guidance. Everything will be in the flow, and of course I will take into consideration how people in the group are feeling. All these things are important when I plan where to go and what to do.  


Do you feel deep within you the calling to do this with me and the Grid group? The first step on this exciting and divine journey is to sign up to be a member in my Global Community. When you are a member you can also choose to be part of the Global Meditation Group. Connect with other members in a private chatgroup and get all the information you need.

As a member you will know in advance where we will travel and when.
The number of participants on the different journeys is limited
 members have first priority. 




Holland, after the trip to Jerusalem

“I didn’t know what we were going to do in Jerusalem, I only felt the calling to go there. Now I understand the “grid work” we did, and for me it feels like that was exactly what I was supposed to do there with you guys. Even more than my personal journey...I found it so special to do this for the people and the universe”...



Denmark after the trip to Jerusalem

“I am so happy that we were able to do the energy-work we did as a group.

I can’t even find the words to describe. What a journey!”



Holland, after the trip to Jerusalem

“I am sure we all are different “upgraded” people now! This was truly a blessed “beyond awesome” experience”

Newsletter with Inspiration and Motivation

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Aswan, Egypt

Option 1

If you only wish to join the retreat in Aswan, we recommend you to book a return flight:
from Amsterdam Schiphol there is a daily flight to Cairo – Aswan.

Departure: Amsterdam Monday 16 May: 15.40. Arrival Aswan: 23.40

Return flight: Departure Aswan Saturday 21 May: 05.10. Arrival Amsterdam: 14.40

Price for return flight and visa: 550-600

Grid work and reconnection retreat in Aswan, Egypt - with a possibility to stay longer and follow us deeper into the desert.  


Let´s do a magical journey to Aswan in Egypt. We will visit sacred temples from ancient times and connect with forgotten history. We will also connect with the grid and the stories of water. The healing waters of the Red Sea will assist at the end in a profound deep dive into your own soul.  


Do you feel the calling? Let's get ready, pack your bags and follow us on a spiritual journey you´ll never forget. It is time to listen to our inner voice, time to let it speak up and be heard. It is time for integration and reconnection. I can´t wait to get back to Egypt! What about you?  

€375  not inlcuding transporation and food.


16 of May: Arrival in Aswan. 17 of May the retreat program starts
and it ends late evening the 19 of May.  
We will travel further into the desert
the 20th or 21th of May (optional.)



During the retreat we will stay in a hotel or guesthouse on the island Elephantine, in the middle of the Nile,
next to Aswan. 
Price for 5 nights will be around 100 per person.
We will make a reservation for 10-12 people and
will take care that you will be picked up from the airport in Aswan


We offer 2 options

Option 2

You are free to manage your journey yourself if you want to come earlier or stay longer, or even wish to follow us deeper into the desert. Feel free! 


If you wish to join us longer, we recommend you to book a one-way flight to Aswan.
Price one-way ticket to Aswan and visa:

At this moment we do not yet know which places we will visit.Possibilities are: Edfu, Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, Abydos, Dendera.


Please e-mail us for more information if you want to join us.
All information will be sent to you by e-mail as well as published in our next newsletter.
You can also have a look at our website from time to time to keep updated. 


March 25-27, Dobogoko in HUngary

Learn to listen to your inner voice.
Refind your roots, and trust your hearts calling.
Trust that you can heal.

A weekend in the mountains that are Mother Earth's heart chakra. In nature, we have the opportunity to process what is needed. On the outside, in these sacred places in nature, we heal the inside. We will dive deeper into self-awareness and talk about life, healing, food, health and change.


This retreat is for you who feel that you want to stand strong in yourself and learn to listen to your inner voice.

We will stay in yurts.

€275  +  transporation and food.

(Accomodations are normally 12-20 euro per night.)


E-mail me for more information and to

registration of interest!



Heart & Spirit Retreat at the
Pyramids in Visoko (Bosnia) 

31 august - 4 september 2022

Have you ever felt lost? Doubtful and unable to see clearly where to go?
Do you feel like you are in between two worlds, without being able to step fully out from one into the other? Do you know that life has something “more” in the store for you than where you are now?

Do you feel called to join us?

From 31 august - 4 september we will be doing a re-connection and
re-centering retreat at the magic Pyramids in Bosnia. 

- Reconnecting to your heart, reconnecting to your true self,

- Reconnecting to your inner calling, reconnecting to each other's souls, 

- Reconnecting to the energies floating in the valleys of the Pyramids,  


We will transcend from one way of life into another. 
Let us meet, connect and find the peace and healing needed to listen to our own inner guides.  

What to expect?

- Connect to the energy centers of the Pyramids 

- Connect to the beings in the tunnels of Ravne
- Cleaning meditations
⁃ 3-eye activation
- Spontaneous happenings depending on where the energy will guide us.
- Lots of laughter, togetherness and transformation. 

We will walk a lot, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and clothes. 
You will also have a good amount of free time, to look around and integrate on your own.


Practical information:
The retreat price is 375€ pr person 
excl. transportation, accommodations and food.

We will be staying together at the side of the Pyramid of the Sun, a magical and quiet location with space enough to us all,   with a big energy portal (spiral) in the garden, and close to the Ravne tunnels.

Price per person per night is 15€
If you wish breakfast included it will be plus 5€ (20 pr night)
if you wish dinner included as well it will be plus 5€ more (25 pr night)


You can fly to Sarajevo (35 min drive to Visoko) or Tuzla (2,20 hours drive to Visoko) 

We have local friends to pick you up at the airport for a lower fee than the normal taxi. 
He will just need the flight details and he or his family will be there.

Another option is to drive from your own city to Visoko



After receiving an invoice, you are requested to pay 100€ as a deposit,
to make your registration definitive. 

The last part of the payment (275€) must be transferred no later than 1 August.

You can register for the retreat by writing an email to: 


During registration we ask you to mention if you choose
the overnight stay with, or without, breakfast or dinner.


Payments for accommodation, food and local transport can be done when you are there.

If you have any health conditions- medical conditions, or special needs, please do add this in your registration.

Looking forward to seeing you and having a magical late summer together...

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