Elisa Namaste is an inspirational speaker. A clairvoyant influencer, in oneness with everything around her and a key to knowledge and transformation.

She is devoted to help humanity to see its full potential. Making us aware that we have a choice of freedom and love within. 

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I AM Elisa 
The Book


Why are the pyramids here? Is it possible to communicate with stones, water and trees? Follow us on a journey trough the valley of pyramids in Bosnia. A lifechanging experience –if you are ready to challenge everything you thought you knew.

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Upcoming Workshops - 2022


Workshop Authenticity 

- how are we fully honest to oneself?
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The interactive workshop "Journey of the Heart" 
is about how to stay in trust and grow in thess times.

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Upcoming 2022

Do you feel the calling?

This workshop is a part of the GLOBAL GRID WORK and it will bring the participants in touch with a deeper part of themselves and link them to knowledge of the past and future. 

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Elisa Namasté

Elisa was sent here as an energy form,

a kind of a key, connecting worlds and

opening hearts 


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Healing, personal bracelet & necklace 

Watch and discover

how Elisa makes personalized bracelets & necklaces  

 Lectures & Workshops

Elisa´s workshops and lectures

are interactive

and therefore always guided by the energies needed in that moment

and for those who are

present in the room.