This video was made in The Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia.

Elisa was invited to connect with and read the memories of the stones of the pyramids, the Tumulus, and the energies in the tunnel systems.  

Channeling and feeling in, at the Slovenian pyramids. 

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Elisa was asked to come to the valley of the pyramids in Bosnia to connect with several places there and 15 videos of her experience were made.  See the videos here >>>

We will continue our GRID Retreats travels in 2021.

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Follow Elisa on a journey

around the world to connect

with the Global Grid.


Unlock and connect to the

memories of the past,

present and the possible future.


The Global Grid Retreats will bring the participants to different energetic and sacred places all over the world.


Each location contains a certain kind of energy, memories and vibration. If you feel drawn to the Global Grid retreats there will be a reason. You will gain personal growth and transformation. You are also called to be a part of the unlocking of memories in these locations connected to the grid surrounding the globe.  

My personal journey 

"I have always known that the pyramids are a big part of my own personal journey and I thought I needed to travel the world alone to unlock different doors and hidden memories. But I realize that in order to transcend the information and help humanity we need to have a group of people willing to do the work. Not only within themselves but also as a collective. Those people are already called. They feel the calling deep within them and will be drawn to these Grid retreats."

First we travel to different places in Europe  

The divine plan is to start with Europe. We have already been in Hungary, Bosnia, Romania, Ukraine and Israel, but we need to revisit some of those places to finish the work there.  We have also been in Egypt and we will revisit a different location there. We have some work to do in Rome and then we will travel to many different sites and places around the Globe.  One of the last places will be the Mt. Kailash in Tibet .


You will feel called to the places you need to go to in order of opening and fulfilling your transformation. You do not have to be a part of every journey or go to every single place on the Global Grids retreats.


The participants do need to become ready. Each retreat will be a kind of opening within the journey of one self, on a spiritual level. Some people might call it “upgrading” but I call it, coming closer to who you already are.


On the retreats the only planning is the starting and the ending dates. I work with the universe and the energies on the location and I will follow their guidance. Everything will be in the flow, and of course I will take into consideration how people in the group are feeling. All these things are important when I plan where to go and what to do.  


Do you feel deep within you the calling to do this with me and the Grid group? The first step on this exciting and divine journey is to sign up to be a member in my Global Community. When you are a member you can also choose to be part of the Global Meditation Group. Connect with other members in a private chatgroup and get all the information you need.

As a member you will know in advance where we will travel and when.
The number of participants on the different journeys is limited
 members have first priority. 





Holland, after the trip to Jerusalem

“I didn’t know what we were going to do in Jerusalem, I only felt the calling to go there. Now I understand the “grid work” we did, and for me it feels like that was exactly what I was supposed to do there with you guys. Even more than my personal journey...I found it so special to do this for the people and the universe”...



Holland, after the trip to Jerusalem

“I am sure we all are different “upgraded” people now! This was truly a blessed “beyond awesome” experience”



Denmark after the trip to Jerusalem

“I am so happy that we were able to do the energy-work we did as a group.

I can’t even find the words to describe. What a journey!”