About me

Elisa was born in Holstebro (Denmark) in 1990 as Elisa Anni Lisette Nielsen. In her twenties she had a very different life from now. It is only since 2012 when she became more aware that she had special gifts.

Unconditional love, honesty and straightforwardness

Elisa does not get her information from newspapers, books, television or the Internet. All information comes directly from her connection to Source. She perceives energies in colors and vibrations and can translate this into clear words. Many people are surprised by her abilities in this area, given her young age. Elisa’s love is unconditional. Other features of Elisa are her directness and honesty. She talks openly about her own processes that she encountered in life. Her vibration is pure and clean. A vibration that even can make skeptic people melting.


Next to these gifts, Elisa also feels a strong connection with leylines and energy centers in the world, like pyramids, temples, sacred sites and standing stones. She often travels to the pyramids in Visoko (Bosnia) and Gizeh (Egypt) to do some spiritual work.

Elisa: “If you listen to the truth in your heart, you will go along the path that is the right way¬†for you.”